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Yeşilvadi Mosque - P.100/315
Project Details

Location: İstanbul, Ümranİye      Google Maps

Date: 2003

Client: Kiptaş A.Ş./İstanbul Metropolitan

Total Area: 2.800 m2

The circle form in this design helps to represent the universe and infinity (the symbol for infinity “∞” is formed by twisting a circle). At the same time circle is the symbol for unity. Centric planned Ottoman mosques are generally circularized, as permitted by extent of construction. In the design process of Yesil Vadi Mosque the circle is utilized as the main form in both two-dimensionally and three-dimensionally. The unity of existence as a single entity constitutes the essence of Islamic thinking. Existence only changes form and everything in the universe is the reflection of it. Unity can denote a combination of all the parts, elements and individuals into an effective whole.
Even the smallest whole has the quality of being united into one and can be used to represents the universe. A literal translation of Arabic “muslimun” would be "one who wants or seeks wholeness", where "wholeness" translates islamun. The circular plan of Yesil Vadi Mosque is designed to symbolize the universe and unity. The larger of the two nested hemispheres represents The Great Beyond (God “Allah”) and the small one represents the world (Prophet of God “Muhammed”). The Great Beyond is being reached through earth’s door; thus unity is realized.

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