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Dubai Creek Harbour Iconic Mosque - P.320/322
Project Details

Location: Dubai, Dubai Creek      Google Maps

Date: 2018


Total Area: 107.223 m2

Competition: Dubai Iconic Mosque competıtıon

Our main parameter was to relate the mosque with the Dubai Creek Tower (928m), a global icon at the center of the newly developed Dubai Creek Harbour area, which we achieved by locating the Mosque on a linear green axis coming from the Dubai Creek Tower and continuing toward the sea. The distance from the Dubai Creek Tower to the seaside point of the mosque is 850 meters, almost the height of the tower. The three dimensional linear pergola connects the Mosque to the Plaza of the Dubai Creek Tower, looking like the horizontal shadow or an axonometric projection of the perpendicular tower.
The main element that defines the mosque is the minaret. The crown gate marks the entry to the inner space. In order to emphasize the image of the minaret, we used double minarets that connect at their balconies, and thereby forming the crown gate at their base. The aura of the steel crown door was increased by weight- bearing tenters.

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