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Kuwait Cultural Center - P.331/332
Project Details

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait     Google Maps

Date: 2019

Client: -

Total Area: 41.250 m2

We tried to design a cultural center building that is supposed to be an iconic symbol of Kuwait, with its gigantic ellipsoid form, functional brutalist structure and methaporic meaning. As conceptional idea; ellipsoid form of the main structure refers to eggshell that protects vitality and life. Ellipsoid structure covers and protects art and culture metaphorically. Sphere formed huge space including concert halls and movie theatres refer to eggyolk that represent vitality, exhilaration.
At the same time egg is the nucleus of life that starts a new presence. In our design ellipsoid form refers to egg shape that has the methaporic meaning “nucleus of new art, music and ideas” that are carring and covering the genetics. With the colors of Kuwait ambiance and emphasized different parts of the complex; hexagonal main structure red, transparent surface, green reflective glass, base and plaza black marble, entrance ramp and bridge white were defined to resemble the colors of the flag.