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Zengİnbahçe Houses - P.94/315
Project Details

Location: İstanbul, Kemerburgaz   Google Maps

Date: 2002

Client: Mintur A.Ş.

Total Area: 30.000 m2

The residential settlements that have initiated development in this area had been successful in terms of techniques of development and sales. However, unfortunately, they were built in an architectural style mixing Turkish-Ottoman, Italian and Spanish characteristics, revealed by their very own commercials. And this degenerate approach, coupled with that of the decoration magazines, has cast the taste format of the newly rich. Alongside the “country” style villas, the center was filled with apartments creating a confusion as to where and which time they belonged (though it was clear that they did not belong to the present).
Zengin Bahçe Residences were designed in such a setting, with the effort to prove that a settlement bearing the warmth and familiarity of the missed “past,” can be built while adhering to contemporary criteria of design. As the land was located by the main road, the settlement was defined introvertly in order to create a view of its own, with a series of villas and apartments lining up along the borders of a large inner courtyard. The apartment blocks were constructed contiguously in the shape of an arc. This manner of development planning, untypical for new residential sites in Istanbul, allows for variety and diverse possibilities in the design of the housing units.

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