Selected Projects

Yeşil Vadi Housing Settlement - P.99/315
Project Details

Location: İstanbul, Ümranİye   Google Maps

Date: 2003

Client: Kiptaş A.Ş./İstanbul Metropolitan

Total Area: 128.400 m2

The settlement is an “urban oasis,” to which eyesore developments can never approach, as it is bordered by the forest in the northwest and by the TEM highway in the southeast. The access to the settlement is through a single, controlled entrance-way. The area entered via a pass way under the highway includes the shopping mall, social facilities, schools and the mosque. These can be accessed independently of the residential areas, separated with a controlled access.
The residences, green areas, sport and recreational facilities are interconnected by way of a network of roads and pathways. The low-speed roads are designed with a pedestrian emphasis. Besides the areas designated for temporary parking and manoeuvre, all cars are taken underground to closed garages.

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