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Hotel Al Mubarak - P.323/352
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Konum: Kuveyt, Kuwait City      Google Maps

Tarih: 2019

İşveren: Khaled Al Mubarak

İnşaat Alanı: 22.061 m2

Designing the complex, we tried to give a spectacular appearance to the building between the surrounding buildings; so we aimed to make a “Landmark” at that area. Principally complex has two main functions –Hotel and Aesthetic Center. Shaping the building form related with functions, we thought that they might express their operational, functional qualities.
At the facade design there are balconies like waves both to differentiate the building from other buildings and to gain functionally shadow surfaces on the facade. On the MACC floors there are moveable vertical louvers to control privacy and visual contact like a lacework. Same louvers are placed only on west and south -west facade to control sun light for the hotel rooms.