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Kuveyt Ulusal Bayrak Dİreğİ, Tören Alanı - P.332/352
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Konum: Kuveyt, Kuveyt City      Google Maps

Tarih: 2019

İşveren: -

İnşaat Alanı: 48.000 m2

Main idea is to emphasize the importance of State of Kuwait on the most strategic location of Persian Gulf. We designed a flagpole to be tallest (250m;) on all over the world and we designed a special flag( 45x30m) with a self illuminated fabric having fiberoptic texture, which will be the first and uniq in the world. We thought that it should be not only a flagpole but also a monument and ceremony place representing The State of Kuwait. We combined the pole structure with a ceremony and exhibition gallery building and a tower ornamented with gold
palm leafs creating the base to make not only a flagpole to establish a monument with surrounding squares and flamed sculptural gigantic torch. In the ceremony space , the glass floor shows the Gulf sea flora, fishes, sea creatures. In the ceremony space around the polebase , there are six panels giving the informations about Kuwait history life and geography. One of the panels which is decorated as The flag of Kuwait, is an entrance to flagpole’s elevator and stair , reaching to the tower terrace and up to pole service platforms.