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Derbent Spiritual & Socail Center - P.338/359
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Konum: Derbent, Russia      Google Maps

Tarih: 2022

İşveren: New Land Foundation

İnşaat Alanı: 250.000m2

As an Turkish architectural design office, we were invited to the “Spiritual Center Project Architectural Competition" at Russia Dagestan Derbent region. The Design intents of the jury was to make an contemporary sample settlement that showing the traditionally religious and cultural coexistence and mutual understanding of which Derbent throughout its long history to the world. The mixing of religious and civic functions within an attractive leisure area (park) in the center of the city will be a representation of the harmonious tie between the religious and civic.
Now we are one of the six finalist design groups.We publish our project proposal to show and represent the civilization and coexistence of the Middle East people. Unfortunately they started Ukraine conflict at the final selection time. Afterwards they demolished all the Mesopotamia’s balance. And at last here comes “Palestine genocide”. The humanistic coexistence of the people of all that regions has been disturbed and destroyed by the “west civizilation” for their benefit, comfort and power. We protest this uncivilized and inattentive blindness.

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